Caving - Enter the underworld!

Cave walking is a very special experience. We offer guided tours to the wonderful” Vik” cave for small groups.

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2018-09-0312:56 Janne Stokvik

Join us to the amazing Vik cave just outside Rognan

Entering a Cave like the Vik cave is a very special experience. The cave has a narrow entrance, which later expands to a wider passage as we make our way further into the Mountain. This unique marble cave can tempt with giant marmites, amazing drip stones and foaming waterfalls. - We guarantee an unforgettable experience.

According to a local myth, the cave also hides a treasure in a secluded corridor. Perhaps you are the lucky finder?


In Norway, the largest concentration of caves exists in the county of Nordland. Only in the centre of Nordland alone there are over 200 caves. All Norwegian marble caves are formed by water. In Saltdal, for many thousands of years, the river has created wonderful tunnels and large halls under the ground. The unique bedrock in the area offers unique opportunities to explore an underground adventure world.  

We follow the cave guidelines!

Cavers around the world have recognized the following rules for tourist traffic in caves:

  1. Take nothing - just pictures.
  2. Leave nothing - just footprints (and barely that).
  3. Do not kill any thing - just time.
The trip is suitable for:

Anyone who is in normal good physical condition

What to wear:

We provide overalls and gloves, so the most important thing to bring are good shoes. In spring and autumn, it may be wet inside the cave, so we recommend waterproof shoes. Otherwise it's important to wear warm clothes.

  • Guide
  • Overalls
  • Helmet
  • Head light
  • Gloves
  • Transportation

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