Experience Norwegian Fishing!

Join us on a traditional Norwegian fishing trip in the local fjords! Few nature experiences are more powerful than traveling along the Norwegian coast.

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2018-09-0510:21 Janne Stokvik


Join us onboard an authentic fishing boat! Breathe in the fresh ocean air and listen to the sound of the sea as the boat cruises towards the fishing fields. Few nature experiences are more powerful than traveling by boat along the rugged northern coast.

The meeting point for this trip is on the boardwalk by the seaside of Rognan Hotel. First our Captain will welcome you on board the boat and give a short briefing, including information on safety, sea conditions and todays route. The crew is experienced fishermen who know the area very well, so you will be well taken care of. Sit down and enjoy a cup of coffee or tea on the deck and listen to the sounds from the boat and perhaps a couple of seagulls passing by. When we reach the fishing spot, everyone gets the chance to try their luck!


The fish has always played a major role in Salten, as well as in the rest of the coastal towns and villages in Nordland. In the past, a good catch was the difference between having food on the table or having to go to bed hungry.


The conditions for fishing vary with weather conditions and the season. We cannot guarantee you will catch a fish, but we can guarantee a great experience!

The trip is suitable for:


What to wear:

The weather in Northern Norway is changing rapidly, so we recommend that you - as a rule adhere to the 3-layer principle: woollen underwear, a warm sweater made from wool - or fleece as middle layer and windproof clothing as a top layer.

  • Long woollen underwear
  • Warm sweater in wool or fleece
  • Wind & waterproof jacket and trousers (Alternatively: a thick down jacket)
  • Hat (covering the ears)
  • Thick gloves or mittens
  • Warm shoes

Feel free to bring with you an extra sweater - it's not fun to be cold!

Some fine days in July and August it may be possible to wear light clothes. However – please always look outside the window before making up your mind. Do not rely on yr.no and other weather report services. Do not look at what the locals are wearing – they are just that tough.

  • Deep sea fishing
  • Hot beverages on board
  • Guide

Janne Stokvik
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