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Facts about the Sea Eagle

Facts about the Sea Eagle
Male: 207 - 234 cm
Female: 224 - 265 cm
Male: 3020 - 5430 gram
Female: 4270 - 8000 gram
Sea eagle clutches
1 - 3 white eggs
Approx. 140g each
Approx. 76 x 59 mm
Incubation period
34 - 46 days. Eggs are laid in March - April.
In Bodø nesting has been recorded as early as late February.
The eggs hatch in April-May at intervals of several days.
Time spent by the young in the nest
70 - 85 days from April to July.
Nesting success rate in Norway
On average 0.6 fledged young per pair
Age when nesting for first time
4 - 6 years
Highest known age
29 years
A forceful cry, often clee-clee. Normal warning cry from parents to young in the nest.



Salten has the world's most dense population of sea eagles, and now you have the chance to experience the mighty birds up close! Camera ready!

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2018-09-0312:54 Janne Stokvik

Experience the majestic sea eagle!

Although the large Sea Eagle is the major attraction, it is possible to see other seabirds during the day. Few nature experiences are more powerful than traveling by boat along the rugged Norwegian coast. Embark the authentic fishing boat “Ole Vik” and join us on an exciting Sea Eagle safari. The county of Nordland is home to up to 35 % of Norway's eagle population, and 20 % of the world's total population.

Our eminent Captain has a good overview of the population in the area and plans a route where there is a good chance to meet the eagle. In addition, he always brings with him a couple of small fish, which we throw out of the boat as a lure for the Eagle. Have your camera ready - and be prepared for the Instagram moment of a lifetime!

Keep in mind that the weather in Northern Norway may be treacherous. We strongly recommend that you dress well. If you get cold on the trip, we offer hot beverages on board to make sure to keep you warm.


The probability of seeing the Eagles varies with weather and season. Although we cannot offer a Guarantee of Eagle sightings - we can guarantee a great fjord cruise!

The trip is suitable for:


What to wear:

The weather in Northern Norway is changing rapidly, so we recommend that you - as a rule adhere to the 3-layer principle: woollen underwear, a warm sweater made from wool - or fleece as a middle layer and windproof clothing as a top layer.

  • Long woollen underwear
  • Warm sweater in wool or fleece
  • Wind & waterproof jacket and trousers (Alternatively: a thick down jacket)
  • Hat (covering the ears)
  • Thick gloves or mittens
  • Warm shoes

Feel free to bring with you an extra sweater - it's not fun to be cold!

Some fine days in July and August it may be possible to wear light clothes. However – please always look outside the window before making up your mind. Do not rely on and other weather report services. Do not look at what the locals are wearing – they are just that tough.

  • Sea Eagle Safari
  • Fjord Cruise
  • Hot beverages onboard

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