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Husky Dog sledding PRO EDITION!

Meet Richard!

Richard and his racedogs are looking forward to wishing you welcome to their small Husky Farm!

We are proud to provide you with an professional mushing experience! Try your skills with REAL racedogs!

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2018-09-0312:43 Janne Stokvik

Husky Dog Sledding PRO EDITION!

Join the Fast and the Furious! This is your chance to be a real Musher! You will be able to join our musher Richard train for his next race! This year he and his dogs are attending Finnmarksløpe (Europes toughest dog race) in March. Hence this is your change to learn more about how real mushers and their dogs live and train. Richard is happy to share race stories with his guests.

We will first go outside to have our first meet & greet with the dogs. Before we get started our expert musher holds a safety briefing and gives us an introduction on how to manoeuvre a dog sledge. 

Two persons share one sledge and alters between sitting in the sled and standing in the Mushers position. When it’s your turn to sit in front, you will have a great opportunity to take unforgettable pictures. The race course used during this experience is known to have many Moose sightings so Camera ready! These dogs are fast and the terrain is beautiful so this is really an once in a lifetime experience! 




The home "husky farm" of our Musher in Røkland is the starting point. This can be reached with rental car from Bodø or Rognan. The ride from Rognan and to Røkland takes approx 25 minutes. (E6 soutbound) From Bodø it takes approx 2 hours. 


We still recommend that you adhere to the 3-layer principle: woollen underwear, a warm sweater made from wool - or fleece as middle layer and windproof clothing as a top layer.

  • Norwegian guide/musher
  • Warm winter overalls
  • Shared sledge
  • Hot beverages 


Husky puppies playing