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Join us on an Historical Walk!

We will visit the Blood Road Museum and Saltdal Folk Museum. We will end the walk with a coffee and cakes

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2018-09-1210:30 Janne Stokvik

Historical walk

First, we`ll visit the Saltdal Museum. Here we`ll get a guided tour at the Blood Road museum, a war museum commemorating the fate of the World War II prisoners who under forced labour build the “Blood Road. After, we will move on to the more pleasant Saltdal Folk Museum. The area consists of many historical buildings dating from the seventeenth to the twentieth centuries. After the walk we will sit down for a nice break with coffee and cakes in the old farmstead of Skipper Ellingsen

Word of the Blood Road Museum

 “The Blood Road Museum is situated in the grounds of Saltdal Museum. The story of the lives and work of prisoners of war under the German regime from 1942-1945 is presented in a German barracks moved here from Dunderdalen. Thousands of prisoners of war from eastern Europe were sent north to build roads and railways. They suffered inhuman conditions. Many never returned. This is a different tour experience in surroundings where the silence is tangible. Words are inadequate, but impressions are many and deep. This is an important journey in a time which must never be forgotten” Nordland Museum

  • Guided tour of Saltdal Folk Museum
  • Guided tour of the Blood Road Museum
  • Coffee and cakes
  • Transportation.

 The tour can also be expanded to include a visit to the old war cemetery at Botn.

 Read more about Saltdal Folk Museum here

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